The All-in-one communication software
for healthcare providers

This is your new employee who works 24/7 and never takes any time off. The automated communication system helps you and your team bring in new patients and stay in touch with your current clients. 

Imagine yourself saving time and resources,
and seeing your Clinic or Gym exploding with new memberships

The Clinic Gym Connect Program is a package with Clinic Gym Connect, our reliable marketing system, plus access to a private channel with me and other members.

What's clinic gym connect?

Clinic Gym Connect is a powerful software that will improve EVERY ASPECT for patient communication in your practice. It'll be your new 24/7 employee that costs you way less. 
Clinic Gym Connect engages your current patients, organizes your communication with both your staff and potential clients, and saves you time and money by making it all AUTOMATIC.

New patients will get such personal attention that they'll stay with you longer as well.
We empower offices with 
2-way texting and the 6 core campaigns from the most successful Hybrid facilities. Here are the campaigns you get:

Automated Reviews via text that’ll put your facility on the map

  • Getting reviews on Google and Facebook is one of the best ways to have real visibility in your area.
  • Great reviews (4 & 5 stars) will get a direct link to the most important websites.
  • Bad reviews will be filtered out, but you’ll know exactly what you need to improve.
  • Your patients will always feel heard and confident in your service!
Steve Anderson 10:01
Hey Steve, it's Dr. Josh from Midwest Chiropractic. I'd love your feedack of how we did on a scale of 1-5
Great! I'd love if you'd review us on Google. Only takes a sec: https://goo.gl/KsK4ta3
Janet Dorian 9:18
Hey Janet! We're excited to see you at your appointment Tuesday at 9:30pm. Here's a map link to our office: https://goo.gl/4tmQsLM8
Great, thanks
By the way, here's a picture of the office, see you there!
🕒 Scheduled to send at 6:45pm
Hey Janet, I wanted to check in and see how you're feeling. I hope Rover is better too!

Make New Patients Feel Welcomed And Cared For With Automatic Reminders

  • New patients will get a link to the map, a picture of your building and a picture of the Doctor or Trainer before the first appointment.
  • You also get to automatically send a welcome video. Just picture the great impression you’re going to make without any extra effort.
  • New patients will trust you more and feel welcomed from the start - the better they feel, the longer they stay!
Jody Stevens 8:49
Thanks for texting. Can I get your first + last name?
Jody Stevens
Thanks, Jody! You're on the list!
Awesome, thanks Doc!
Dr. Josh Claimed Conversation
Lemme know if you need anything else 😉

Keyword texts for events and videos for tracking leads and following up!

  • At events, you could create on-site lists of potential clients by asking them to send a one-word text.
  • That way, you will never lose track of the people you worked with.
  • You can also offer special videos to get to know exactly what your market responds to. Knowing them better means getting better results!
Kevin Howard 7:23
Hey Kevin! I haven't seen you in a while and I wanted to check in. And we made a video with streches for runners, I thought you'd like!
Thank you for checking in. Actually, do you have any availability next Thursday Afternoon?
Dr. Josh Claimed Conversation
Yes, hows 4:15 w/ Dr. Alyssa?
That's perfect, see you then!

Reactivate existing patients by sending useful tips or recommending exercises

  • Remember that patient who used to be very active but hasn’t been around lately? What if you could automatically ignite that flame once again?
  • You can ask them if you could send a video of an easy exercise they can do. Or even a very informal message inviting them over for special sessions.
  • A few simple messages will provide clear and easy communication with your patients and get people back into your facility.

Schedule a “checking on new patient” message after the first visit and leave a lasting good impression

  • After the first appointment is done, you can schedule a very warm message that will immediately show how much you care.
  • They can let you know if there was an issue… but they can also bring in someone new!
  • All the new patients will be impressed by this personal touch right from the start.
  • More business for you just for being thoughtful.

That's not all, Clinic Gym Connect includes:

  • Phone App for each team member to track texts/calls. No miscommunication with your team, no more phones needed!
  • Assign a contact to 1 team member for continuity of conversation
  • Mobile Pages for mobile data collection
  • Two-way office texting between your staff and the patients for clear and fast communication
  • Zapier integration to unite all your systems
  • Surveys for your patients and gym members to always be heard and for you to collect information easily via phone

And here are other advantages you get from the system...

  • One central office number, but each person “connects” to one team member - every contact is immediately organized!
  • Dashboard of New Leads, Calls Made, Texts...
  • Texts to Team Members in one place so you find anything fast
  • Communicate via Text, but still have email as backup
  • Lead Capture Widgets for your website and automation
  • Easily send direct mail, such as Happy Birthday cards
  • Manage all media - PDF downloads, pictures, videos, maps.

What else do you get?

Besides having access to this incredible marketing software, you get access to these exclusive advantages just by purchasing Clinic Gym Connect:

Access the private app

You immediately get access to our app with all its features, and a tutorial on how to use it. You also get 2 hours of training weekly. If you'd like, there are also great webinar options for you to watch.

Clinic/Gym Community

Clinic/Gym owners come together to discuss what is working in marketing
right now. We share
the exact copy, the exact methods, and the exact systems that are bringing people in.

Slack access

You will be part of a channel in Slack where you can personally talk to the community at any time. You get to talk to me directly as well. Get the guidance you need to immediately start growing!

Joshua Satterlee, DC

I grew up on the dusty streets of Palmdale, CA. I was lucky enough to go to college at Montana State University in Bozeman. After MSU, I attended the "Harvard of Chiropractic Colleges" at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

After attaining my DC degree, I started on a path of truly understanding the power of diagnosis. Luckily, I stumbled upon the SFMA and TPI. After working with thousands of patients, I realized that transitioning patients into active care and exercise was the most beneficial move possible. This also created a fantastic business opportunity.
From that, the Clinic/Gym Hybrid model was born.