December 16

Seeking MASSIVE Engagement in Your Chiropractic Office in 2021?

I have a great client named Reed who’s a member of our Clinic Gym Connect community.

He is using Clinic Gym Connect to grow his business hand over fist.

I wanted to share with you a story he shared with me that I really think reflects the power of text messaging versus email.

Reed recently bought a practice and had about 1,200 people in a database. He wanted to invite these people to a grand reopening to introduce himself, get them comfortable with him and his staff, and reactivate as many clients as he could.

Unfortunately, for Reed, he used email.

When he sent out that email inviting people to his practice, many people didn’t recognize the “From” line. So they didn’t know who was sending them messages.

Many people didn’t notice his message or the subject line, and in the end he had very little engagement.

In fact, you could essentially say he had 0% engagement for his email that went out to 1,200 people.

Being the resourceful and daring person that he is, Reed decided instead to send a broadcast text message.

I must warn you, there are some guardrails we want to put in place for broadcast text messages.

But Reed decided to send it to a huge group of 1,200 people. He wrote just one message and then included all the people he wanted on that list. This is pretty easy to do and really doesn’t take much time or effort in Clinic Gym Connect.

Anyways, he sent out 1,200 text messages and instead of 0% engagement, he got massive engagement.

What did this mean?

Well, his message went out inviting people to a grand reopening on a Sunday evening.

About an hour later, he had so many responses and so many people saying that they didn’t know about it yet, that he had to recruit his office manager to hop onto her Clinic Gym Connect app and start replying to people left and right.

In the end, it took about three hours worth of two-way texting back and forth with his list to make sure everybody had the right information about his grand reopening.

His office manager, Ashley, told a funny story that she had planned on food for about 40 people.

In the end, she had to go out and buy lots of food (even rent a food truck!) for over 120 people.

I think that’s a huge success through text messaging because it allowed people to actually get the message that he was trying to send.

Whereas, unfortunately, his first email had originally made it into email jail, never to be heard from again.

Plus, the clients actually could interact with the person on the other side – it wasn’t just a robotic text and a “do not reply to this” kind of service.

So, if you want

  • to connect with your clients,
  • and get that massive engagement,

…use text messaging.

And the best way to use text messaging is with Clinic Gym Connect.

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